Professional Certificate in Taxation of Corporates

Date: Jul 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

Application fee: R450.00

Once-off: R10,950.00

Lecturer: Annelie Laage CA(SA)
Lecturer: Karen van Wyk CA(SA)

This is the second semester module of the Professional Certificate in Taxation and can be taken as a standalone module. The module will cover VAT, corporate income tax, key tax administrative procedures and gives participants guidance on practice management, ethics and responsibilities.

Course overview

The course is divided into a theoretical knowledge and a practical simulation component. The simulation component will ensure that theoretical knowledge can be practically applied in the completion and submission of tax returns without errors namely the ITR14 and VAT2017 returns as well as the IT14SD.

The knowledge and practical skills across the following topics are covered:

  • The world of business tax.
  • Value-added tax (VAT).
  • Income (corporates).
  • Deductions (corporates).
  • Capital allowances.
  • Capital gains tax (corporates).
  • Dividends tax.
  • Taxation of other entities.
  • Trusts.
  • Tax Administration Act.
  • Tax avoidance and evasion.

Admission requirements

This semester module forms part of the Professional Certificate in Taxation and the first module (Certificate in Taxation of Individuals) needs to be completed before attempting this module.

Assessment criteria

You need to successfully complete the following in order to receive your certificate:

  • Two knowledge assignments.
  • Two simulation assignments.
  • A formal exam including knowledge and simulation assignments.

Flexible payment options

Payment option 1: Once-off payment

R10 950.00 (incl. VAT).

Payment option 2: Debit order

Application fee (non-refundable): R450 (incl. VAT).

Five instalments: R2 519.00 per month (incl. VAT).
Total: R12 595.00 (incl. VAT).

Payments and cancellations

  • All required minimum payments must be made by direct EFT or by credit card before the commencement of a course.
  • Kindly note that should debit order payment terms not be adhered to; legal action will be taken.
  • Proof of payment may be requested before access to the iLearn platform will be communicated, should your payment not reflect on The Tax Faculty’s bank account.
  • Only written notice of cancellation will be accepted.


  • If the cancellation is requested more than 10 working days prior to the course, no cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • If the cancellation occurs less than 10 working days prior to the event a 100% cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • Students who register for a course and fail to attend will be held liable for the full course fee.
  • Course application fee is non-refundable.
  • CPD event delegates who book and fail to attend will be held liable for the full event fee.
  • The Tax Faculty’s liability in the case of a course being cancelled will be limited to a refund of the course fee.

For courses with a six month (or longer) rollout the following will apply:

  • Should a cancellation be received within six weeks of the course start date, the student will still be liable for 50% of the semester cost.
  • Should the cancellation be received after six weeks of the course start date, the student will be liable for the full semester cost.
  • Students may defer during a six month course to any other course with a rollout planned for longer than six months.
  • The course application fee is non-refundable.

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